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availabilities for August

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Family Suite Peyresourde -- The nights of August 20th and August 21st are still available. You can book it directly by credit card, on our website

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Welcome to the French Pyrénées ! Are you looking for a nice place in Bagnères de Luchon ?

You are looking for a nice place to stay for your Pyrénées holidays in Bagnères de Luchon ? You're in the right website !

- Our  Bed & Breakfast - Chambres d'Hôtes - "Au Delà Du Temps"
is located in Saint Mamet, a small village touching Bagneres de Luchon, only 500 meters from the Baths and fitness and heath center of Luchon.

- A montain house Arza Mendi in a small village , located in Jurvielle only  11 kilometers from Bagnères de Luchon and just 8 kilometers fron the ski resort of Peyragudes.
Its consist of four individual rooms (with 160 x 200 beds) and their privaties shower rooms and toalet and two big bedroom (five simple bed 90 x 190)with shower room and toalet.

Let's you discover and choose one of these three accomodations, to spend your futur holidays in the heart of the French Central Pyrenees.

Contact us:
by e-mail:
by phone: + 33 561 891 353

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Spa - Balneo

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Relaxation - Spa - Balneotherapy The thermoludique center of Balneotherapy BALNEA is the ideal place for youngs and big. Situated in 15 minutes of our chalet or in 30 minutes of our hosts' house, the other one quoted(esteemed) by the collar of PEYRESOURDE in the valley Louron. In bagnères of Luchon, LUCHON FORME & BIEN ETRE, in 500 meters on foot of our hosts' house Unique place: Vaporarium (hamman unique nature in Europe) The fitness or the stays of health, it is the principle of " the thermal space " of Luchon, city health. The " care to the person "…

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