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Summer holidays are coming !

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Don't forget to book at home for your next summer holidays !

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Welcome to the French Pyrénées ! Are you looking for a nice place in Bagnères de Luchon ?

Our website is broken, please contact us directly par e-mail: contact@gite-luchon.con or by phone on +33 561 891 353. Thank you !

- Our  Bed & Breakfast - Chambres d'Hôtes - "Au Delà Du Temps"
is located in Saint Mamet, a small village touching Bagneres de Luchon, only 500 meters from the Baths and fitness and heath center of Luchon.

- A Mountain chalet "Etch Soulet"   located in Portet de Luchon at 11 kilometers from Luchon, near the "Col de Peyresourde", just 8 kilometers from the ski resort of Peyragudes.
Il consists of two large apartments ( 100 m² and 180 m²) that can receive eight people and fourteen people.
Both apartments can communicate with each other  with  an internal staircase, which makes it an ideal place to be  together in the mountains in a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Let's you discover and choose one of these two accomodations, to spend your futur holidays in the heart of the French Central Pyrenees.
Frédérique & François Roy

Contact us:
Tel: + 33 561 891 353